Ionic 4 | Get Device Latitude, Longitude and Address using Geolocation and Native Geocoder Services in Ionic 4 Native Application

previously we implemented Geolocation and Geocoder plugins in Ionic 3 application, In this post, we will create an application in latest Ionic version 4 beta. Using Geolocation service we can get Lattitude, Longitude, Accuracy of location, Speed, Altitude etc of the device. After that Latitude and Longitude can be used to get Addresses available on these coordinates. To fetch address from coordinates of the device, we use Geocoder service.

Here we will discuss on How to use Geolocation and Geocoder in Ionic 3 

So, let’s begin …

Before we start with application make sure that your system is having updated version of NodeJS installed.

Create a new Ionic Application

Install latest version of Ionic and Cordova CLI.

Now we will create a new blank application


After the application is created, go to the root using the CD command

If your system is having Visual Studio code(VS Code) installed, use  $ code .  command to open the project in VS Code

Install the Cordova and Ionic Native plugins



This plugin will use device location service to fetch latitude, longitude, accuracy, altitude, altitudeAccuracy, altitudeAccuracy, heading, speed



It will return address for provided coordinates, and also do reverse geocoding.

Add this plugin in application’s module file

In app.module.ts, import plugin and add in imports array.


In, add following HTML

Here we have three buttons to fetch location coordinates, Watch location updates and stop location updates. After successfully fetching we are showing information returned.

Update component with methods

Replace below code in file

Above code is having inline comments to explain methods, we are using Ionic Loader component here. Geolocation and Geocoder methods with configuration definitions.

Pinch of CSS styling in home.scss

That’s it you can now test your application in a real device after building apk using this command $ ionic cordova build android 

Let me know if you face any issue in implementing this

Happy coding 🙂

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