How to Integrate Angular Material in Ionic Apps

A few months back I was working on a project using Angular Material, believe me, guys angular Material is really an amazing framework which does not only create responsive apps with bootstrap structural design but it also adds a pinch of elegance to an application making it more beautiful to look at. It is gaining a lot of attention of developer due to a huge increasing in it’s demand.
You can visit Angular Materials and see it working
Motion and ripple effects make my day… 

Aham  … Let’s move to Ionic, a few days back I just found a library with which make my dream come true to fuse beautification of Material design in ionic apps.

Tutorial on How to Use Angular Material in Ionic 3

You can visit here to see Zach Fitzgerald’s wonderful fusion of Ionic+Material.
IonicMaterial can easily be used with existing Ionic apps.
So let’s start to add some Motion to you Ionic app
Step 1 – We will start from the very beginning like first we will create a new Ionic.
Step 2 – Then add Material JS and CSS files in our ionic app.
Install Using Bower:
Install Libraries
Install Fonts( from Google ):
Install Manually:
Files can also be downloaded from here
Step 3 – Add JS and CSS libs in out Ionic index.html page.
UPDATE: In ionic 3 we can add js & Css file in “assets” folder to link in “index.html”
Our HTML in header section will look something like this:


Step 4 – Inject Ionic Material into your Ionic App.


That’s all you need to do for adding Material to your Ionic app.
In my next post, I will explain “How to Add Animation in Ionic Material App”
See you…

2 thoughts on “How to Integrate Angular Material in Ionic Apps”

  1. Hi,
    I tried to follow your instructions on my latest app (ionic 3) but it seems not working.

    Does this tutorial work on ionic 3 apps as well. Because, what I can see in my app is that I can not find “lib” folder anywhere.

    I am new to ionic so please help me out here.

    1. Hi Vaibhav, the latest version of Ionic 3 is having a bit different file structure. So here you can put file(JS & CSS) in “assets” folder and link those files in “index.html”. Hope this will work 🙂

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