Python 3 – How to Typecast to string, int, float, complex ?

In Python, we can convert the type data values to multiple types using the typecasting functions as shown below: List of Typecasting Functions in Python: str() : Convert value to string type. int() : Convert value to integer type. float() : Convert value to float type. complex() : Convert value to complex type.

Python 3 – How to Check Type of Variable?

Variable is created when a value is assigned to them. They are used for storing some values. In Python, types of a variable are interpreted automatically by the engine. We don’t need to declare them explicitly like other programing languages.

Find Length of String, List or Array in Python using len() Function

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss how to get the length of string, list, array, object items using the Python len() function.  We will be looking into examples to get the length of the list in Python; get the length of string and array using the len() function in Python.