How to Get Fabric API Key and Fabric Api Secret? is a platform that provides many services for building better apps, to grow performance and look into the insight of user and business behavior.

The most useful feature provided by is Crashlytics, this is an error reporting tool which immediately reports issues in an application like warning, error or fatal crashes in an application. It really helps in making applications bug free more smooth for better user experience. You can read more about services and feature on their official site.

This post will have a short tutorial on How to get Fabric API and Secret Keys. As I was developing Ionic 3 application and for integrating Crashelitics it requires Fabric API and Secret Keys. I just wanted to share a quick method.

We will go through a simple sign up process to get Keys. I will discuss integrating it with Ionic 3 app in my next post.

Step to getting Fabric API KEY and Fabrict API Secret:

Sign up here

After Email confirmation login your account.

Add project name then click next

Then click on the top right gear icon

Now click on Organisation option

Click on the project name in next screen

Get Fabric API Key and Fabric Secret in links show in next screen


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