How to Run Background Service in Xiaomi Mobiles

Following are steps to Enable Background operations or Service in the background. Customized Android Operating Systems add some strict limitations on background services to boost up battery life and make the device perform better. Many mobile companies use them on customized OS like Xiaomi uses MIUI, Oppo uses ColorOS, Vivo use FuntouchOS and Huawei EMUI. But a normal user or developer sometimes face the following issues due to these optimizations in the customized OS.

  1. Normal User: Notification is not received by a user for an Application (Which is not running and killed/ swiped in recent apps) because autostart option is disabled by default, which disables an application to start in the background.
  2. Developer: Not able to run background services like location service which needs to run in the background if developing a tracking application or something like that which needs to run all the time.

So these issues get resolved after changing settings in device OS.

In this post, we will discuss Xiaomi’s beautiful OS MIUI 9.

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Xiaomi: Steps to Enable Application Background Operation

Step 1) Go to “Settings” then select “Installed Applications”.



Step 2)Search then Tap/ Click on “Follow Up” Application



Step 3) Turn on “Autostart” option and Tap “Ok”



Step 4) Now Tap on “Battery saver” then select the first option “No restrictions”.



That’s all folks, you need to follow these setting only once after application installation on the device and it will work until you uninstall.

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