Here I am going to share a sample of YouTube Data V3 API Sample get URL. Google provides this YouTube Data API to fetch information about YouTube, this workes with a KEY which you need to add in GET URL to make it fetch requested Information.

What is Required to Use YouTube Data V3 API GET URL?

You need a KEY, as now Google provides a limitation on requests made through a KEY used, It also limits the unauthorized use of your API URL. You can get more information on how to get your own API KEY here.

Which information can we get?

This API can fetch any pieces of information you may need to develop an application, check out here.

Sample GET URL API to fetch Video Title, Channel Name, and Statistics including Total Views.[YOUR API KEY HERE]&fields=items(snippet(title,tags,channelTitle,publishedAt),statistics(viewCount))&part=snippet,statistics&id=[VIDEOID]

In above GET URL, we specified items and statistics sections to get the respective information of video of id.

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