Top & Best Sublime Text 3/4 Light / Dark Themes 2023

We are going to explore the top and best Sublime Text 3/4 themes of 2023. As you already know, Sublime Text is the first choice at hand for many developers around the world! After trying other options it became my personal choice due to its quick load and well-placed sections making it a more pleasing and comfortable development experience.

Its quick start-up time and efficient use of resources, allow us to open multiple projects at once. Sublime Text got its popularity and emerged on top of lists for comfortable and marvellous command-based package installation support. Its long track of major releases with spectacular features makes it a favourite for beginners to expert geeks.

While considering lots of features, how can we skip the appearance of a tool in which we spend long hours while coding outstanding things? The visualization and appearance of a tool play an important role which providing a relaxing and pleasant glance to your eyes and making your coding environment unique.

Sublime Text provides a good number of theming properties, making it easier to create and customise the UI experience by modifying the themes. But, you don’t need to worry, we have listed out the fabulous Sublime Text 3/ 4 themes having we maintained color combinations giving a cut of elegance to your user experience.

Here’s the List of Best Sublime Text 3/4 Themes

1 – Material Theme

Under Top 25 the Material theme for Sublime Test has over 1.19M instals in total. It is the most popular out of all the available themes in the directory.

It packs 4 different color combinations including light and dark variants. The cleaner looks with vibrant File icons make it more unique out of their themes. It comes with more wide tabs and elite UI styles.

TOP 25, 1.19M


2 – Flatland

Flatland is a simple theme and accompanying color scheme. This theme is compatible with Sublime Test 2/3 and 4. It adds a vivid style to tabs with well-defined layouts and curves.

Colors are uniquely selected providing a comfortable and relaxed development experience. Flatland gathered about 280k installs making its place in the TOP 100 packages.

TOP 100, 280K

3 – Soda – Dark and light Themes

Soda packs light and dark themes having 2 options for each. Soda is the inspiration for our previous Flatland theme. You will see sharp corners instead of curves which we find in Flatland.

In addition, there are light theme options as well. The theme is compatible with Sublime Text2, 3 and 4 version.

TOP 100, 886K


4 – Spacegray – Hyperminimal UI Theme

Spacegray provides a set of 5 color themes to choose from. It packs custom UI themes for Sublime Text 2,3 and 4. It’s all about hype and minimal. Comes in different flavours with accompanying Base16 color schemes. Major color changes in colors can be seen on the sidebar file explorer and tab bar panel.

The Spacegray has a total of 480k installs which makes its way into the TOP 100 packages.

TOP 100, 483K


5 – Ayu – Modern Sublime Text Theme

A simple theme which comes in a pack of three versions including — dark, mirage and light for all day long comfortable work. Ayu theme brings bright color schemes providing a more relaxing development experience.

Moreover, it comes with a File Icons package proving more pro and elegant looks to your coding environment.

TOP 100, 396K


7 – Materialize – Elegant Theme

Materialize them is created on top of Material theme @equinusocio and also it clubs around 25+ variants providing a good number of options to switch in a single theme installation.

It includes almost all of the types of vibrant color options which are inspired by various trending top Sublime Text themes.

TOP 100, 234K


8 – Predawn

Predawn is one of my personal picks with lucid and bright color schemes. It is a dark interface and syntax theme for Sublime Text and Atom. It supports Sublime Text 3 and 4 versions. The icons style across UI elements adds a superior and elite layout to the entire IDE experience.

TOP 100, 356K


9 – Seti_UI

Seti_UI provides a deep black dark theme with a wonderful set of File Icons. The curved tabs are greatly emerged and easy to locate with different colors for various states. This theme is compatible with Sublime Text 3 and 4 making it a marvellous choice in dark options.

TOP 100, 354K


10 – Brogrammer – Flat S@xy Theme

Brogrammer is a well defined Sublime Text theme. Every element of IDE looks neet and clean after using its UI styles and color schemes. It provides only one theme as an option, but it has gathered more than 270k installs landing it to TOP 100 themes. It is well supported for Sublime Text 3 and 4.

TOP 100, 279K


11 – Afterglow

Afterglow is a minimal dark Theme for Sublime Text 2, 3 and 4 versions. This theme brings inspiration from the great theme Spacegray. The syntax color scheme is mostly derived from idlefingers. Afterglow provides 6 variants in theme mainly dark only changing the primary blue color to other shades.

TOP 100, 273K


12 – Agila Theme

Started as an experiment by the creator, now packs around 8 vivid colored themes. These provide a great collection fine touched themes with awesome color variants to choose from.

TOP 100, 248K


13 – Asphalt

Asphalt is a minimal and flat dark UI for Sublime Text 3,4 custom syntax highlighting Colour Scheme. It is trending now on charts which made its way to our list.



14 – Nexus

Nexus is a dark custom UI theme compatible with Sublime Text 2,3 & 4 versions. It is a compact and well-placed theme with refreshed dark color combination around UI elements.



15 – Dark Material

Dark material is another material design-based theme for Sublime Text 2,3 and 4. it adds the File Icons to assign almost all types of types making file explorer an elite watch.




Finally, we have listed out all our picks and presented their stats and crafted screenshots. I know, you not gonna stop at one, but you will love them all for sure. If you ask me, my personal favourite is Seti_UI which is currently selected for my development workspace. I also like Flatland and Material Dark as switch options at handy.

Do let me know what are your favourites… thanks!


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