Top and Best VS Code Dark Themes 2023

Feed your dark! Today you are going to see the ultimate, trending and darkest of Visual Studio Code Themes of 2023. The Dark is everywhere, from dress code to your screen, the more it’s dark, the more it’s cool. Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is the passion for geeks around the world! That helps in…


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Feed your dark! Today you are going to see the ultimate, trending and darkest of Visual Studio Code Themes of 2023. The Dark is everywhere, from dress code to your screen, the more it’s dark, the more it’s cool.

Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is the passion for geeks around the world! That helps in adding soul to the development phase with its spice of features, usability plugins, and tons of themes.

With lots of features in VS Code, how can we skip the appearance of a tool in which we spend long hours while coding outstanding things? The visualization of a tool plays an important role which provides a relaxing and pleasant glance to your eyes and makes your coding environment unique.

For coders at night prefer more to the soothing and relaxing VS Code dark themes. It helps in reducing and minimizing the glare coming to your way of focus.

We have tried and tested hundreds of popular, latest and trending themes, out of which here’s the list of darkest and coolest themes that will end your search…

How to Install New Theme in VS Code?

Before, we explore our ultimate theme collection

Method 1) Visit Marketplace here.

You can visit the Marketplace and search then select the theme and simply click on the Install button.


Method 2) Search in VS Code IDE

You can click on the Extensions icon on the left side of VS Code IDE itself. Search for the required theme and click on install


Top VS Code Dark Themes List 2023

Without wasting any more seconds, let’s jump into our fully investigated and coolest collection of VS Code themes available right now…

We personally installed 100’s of themes to get you top cherries 🙂


  • Dracula Official
  • One Monokai Theme
  • Firefox Theme – Light and Dark Themes
  • Github Theme
  • One Dark Pro
  • FireFly Pro
  • Andromeda
  • Synthwave x Fluoromachine
  • Tokyo Night
  • Night Owl
  • Vue Theme
  • Sublime Material Theme


10 – Dracula Official

The Dracula Official is the most downloaded theme ever on Marketplace. You can easily find many other inspired themes looking the same, but our list is top by official Dracula. This cool smiling two toothed gentleman will take you in the dark world to please your eyes and give fine finished cures to your coding experience. Marketplace Link


9 – One Monokai Theme

This theme we liked in the dark category for its soothing and elegant colour scheme. Its becoming the choice of many due to its simple yet not-so-coloured combination. With over 980k installs this has made the place in our dark list. Marketplace Link

8 – Firefox Theme – Light and Dark Themes

Yup! here’s the Firefox theme for VS Code. Believe me or not is cool theme is right now installed on my personal machine. It is colored to give elegant look with neon-lighted icons. It gives a highlighted underline on opened tab, which can easily fetch eyeballs without much search out of the tab queue.

It is having a Dark as well as an awesome snowy white theme to choose from. Marketplace Link

7 – Github Theme

Github Theme comes with light, dark, light default, dark default, and dark dimmed options. This theme is preferred and popular among developers who are in love with Github classic touch. Marketplace Link




6 – One Dark Pro

One Dark Pro is also hugely popular with almost 4m installs. Its dark delighted look with cool syntax highlight colors makes it different and more pleasing. Marketplace Link


5 – FireFly Pro

FireFly Pro is the very cool yellow flavored theme, with eye relaxing and coming out as different shades make their way to our list. The Jet black workspace area looks very elegant with flouting left-side heated icons really give a sting! Marketplace Link


4 – Andromeda

Andromeda says “Dark theme with a taste of the universe” it represents the same when you see how the syntax colors are placed beautifully with contrasting colors. Andromeda is also very popular and has more than 200k installs. Marketplace Link


3-  Synthwave x Fluoromachine

I can only show you how it looks… it’s awesome and cool to have this glowing theme in your VS code. It May is not practical for some of you to use it for longer, but now we can light our code as well… cool… Marketplace Link


Note: Need to install one more extension to pull a CSS and apply it from the themes folder. Theme description.

2 – Tokyo Night

Tokyo Night is a cool and soothing dark theme with not so bright but calm colors. We can say it will help you meditate while coding. It comes with Dark and Light versions Marketplace Link

1- Night Owl

Yeah.. Night Owl … How can we forget this awesome dark theme for many Night Owls there. It is best for those who prefer to code at night. This theme is perfectly designed to be easy for ways in low light environments. Marketplace Link


Bonus Theme – Vue Theme

Vue Theme is trending these days due to its not so dark and not so light color scheme use. It is mainly inspired by Vue logo colors giving it a greenish look. Other tag colors are chosen wisely to match up and give pleasing look all over. Marketplace Link


Bonus Theme – Sublime Material Theme

Sublime Material Theme is a bonus theme on our top list. Sublime we know is a very popular trending IDE available and love of many developers. But for those how switched to VS Code, this theme will remind them of their old love. Marketplace Link



Finally, we are done with our Top VS Code themes list. Hope you will find best for you or else switching between these is also great fun 🙂 do share your favourites if it’s not there… Thanks!!!

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