[Resolved] Can’t resolve ‘@ionic-native/core’ in …

While building the Cordova Ionic application, you may face following issue when using the Native plugins like Admob, QR Scanner etc

Module not found: Error: Can’t resolve ‘@ionic-native/core’ in ‘D:\JollyLab\Ionic\ionic-admobfree-demo-cordova\node_modules\@admob-plus\ionic\ngx’

How to resolve the Can’t resolve ‘@ionic-native/core’ issue?

You can follow this solution to resolve this issue while building up an android or ios application.



By default, the @ionic-native/core plugin is not available in your application’s package.json. So you need to execute the following npm command to instal the native core package.

npm install @ionic-native/core

This will allow the native package to use Ionic native core libraries and resolve the issue.

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