React Responsive Image Gallery Example using react-image-gallery

Image Gallery is used to display images in carousels on top of the website to provide more details about highlight products and services.

In this React tutorial, we will implement a feature rich image carousel with thumbnail support and multi-device support. This image gallery plugin can very well operate in responsive layout and touch devices, moreover, it provides a wide variety of properties to do configuration.

By using the React Image Gallery you will be able to easily and quickly implement an image carousel with thumbnail support by following a few steps.

Important features of React Image Gallery:

  • Fullscreen View
  • Mobile Touch/ Gesture Support
  • Video Embed
  • Auto Slide
  • Thumbnails Support

How to add a responsive Image Gallery in React JS app?

Step 1 – Create a React App

Step 2 – Install React Image Gallery Library

Step 3 – Create MyGallery Component

Step 4 – Add Image Gallery

Step 5 – Use Image Gallery in App Component

Step 6 – Run Application


Create a React App

Before creating the React app, you need to install the create-react-app to create new React application.

npm install create-react-app --global


Now create a new React application by executing the npx command and providing the app name:

npx create-react-app react-app


Open the application directory then you can open it in VS code:

cd react-app

code .


Install React Image Gallery Library

After creating the application, we will install the react image gallery library by executing the below npm command:

npm install react-image-gallery


Create MyGallery Component

Head towards the src folder at the root and create a components folder with a file named MyGalley.js. Next, update the file with the following content:

import * as React from 'react';

function MyGallery() {
  return <div>MyGallery</div>;
export default MyGallery;


Add Image Gallery

Thereafter, we will update the MyGallery.js file by importing the SCSS or CSS style and its MyGallery component. We will also add a const object to define the Image path and their respective thumbnails:

import * as React from 'react';
import ImageGallery from 'react-image-gallery';
import 'react-image-gallery/styles/scss/image-gallery.scss';

const images = [
    original: '',
    thumbnail: '',
    original: '',
    thumbnail: '',
    original: '',
    thumbnail: '',

function MyGallery() {
  return <ImageGallery items={images} />;
export default MyGallery;


Use Image Gallery in App Component

Now, we will import the MyGallery component into the main App to render it in our application. Open the App.js file and update it with the following code:

import * as React from 'react';
import MyGallery from './components/MyGallery';
import './style.css';

export default function App() {
  return (
      <h1>React Image Gallery Example -</h1>
      <MyGallery />


Run Application

We are ready to run our application by hitting the following command:

npm start

It will start the development server and run our app at the following URL:




We discussed how to easily create an Image gallery in react js application by using the “react image gallery” plugin. It supports a wide range of props to configure sliders as per needs. You can find more props details here.

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