Angular 8|9 Pass Data between Components Example Application

Continuing from my previous post has an example of filter pipe usage in Angular application. Here we will upgrade that simple filter app to level next. I have upgraded this application to Angular v9, worked basically on two important methods using which we can pass data between Angular components.

Data communication methods used in this example are:

1) Use of @Input Decorator as a template parameter.
2) Using common service data.service.ts, having common functions used on two different Routes.

You can see the working demo here. just click on a link below to move to the next Route to see selected games. We are using @input Decorator in selected Games listing and Service to get the selected game to next page/ view.

Find complete source code on GitHub here

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  1. i want to create two radio buttons on click one radio button show one data another click show another data in angular please help me

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