jQuery – Top 5 Image Slider/ Carousel Responsive

Image Sliders plays a key role in beautifying user interface by placing multiple images at a single or limited area. Here we will discuss Top 5 Image Sliders/ Carousel Available for free. We will also discuss the pros and cons of each option available.

Let’s get started …

1) Slick

Slick is a single or multiple image slider, it is very easy to implement and use in your webpage.

– Fully Responsive
– Touch Device Support
– Looping, Autoplay
– Lazy Loading of Images: Images will load when active.
– Center Mode: Active slide will remain in the center

2) Owl Carousel 2

After the first version now it’s Owl Carousel 2, fully loaded with options, my personal choice, easy to implement and supported in responsive design.

– Fully responsive
– Auto Width & Height
– Looping, Autoplay
– Multiple Effects

3) BxSlider

BXSlider is the simplest of all sliders, it is easy to use and implement.

– Auto Start/ Stop controls
– Navigation Controls
– Image Captions

– Not Responsive

4) GliderJS


GliderJS is a typical lightweight slider plugin, beautifully crafted with the power of Javascript ES6. It is easy to use and dependency free plugin.

– No dependency
– Lightweight
– Easy to customize
– Lots of configurations

5) Bootstrap Carousel

Last but not least, Bootstrap Image Carousel is widely used by developers already using bootstrap. It supports responsive design and touch devices.

– Autoplay
– Responsive Obviously 😛
– Fade Slide effects
– Effective keyboard support

– No multi images support
– Auto width is missing.

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