16 thoughts on “Ionic 5|4 Firebase Authentication using Email & Password for Login and Registration of Users”

  1. Thank you for a very helpful tutorial.
    I also had to update authentication.service.ts by changing all lines with afAuth from afAuth to afAuth.auth.

  2. Another great tutorial. One small tweak: change the generate service command from:

    $ ionic g service services/authentication


    $ ionic g service services/authenticate

    So it matches up with the AuthenticateService name you use for the rest of the tutorial.

    (There is also one mention of the original file path right after the generate command)

  3. I would make a small change to allow for trailing whitespace in the email which is often inserted automatically by the phone keyboard.
    Change the email REGEX in the login and register page to:
    Then change the “value.email” on the authentication service to “value.email.trim()”

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