How to Get Rid of .0 in Python 3 and 2

In this short tutorial, we’ll cover how to get rid of the decimal part (.0) from floating-point numbers in Python 2 and 3. This is useful when you want to display numbers without the unnecessary zero decimal part, or when converting floating-point numbers to integers.

There are multiple ways to get rid of the trailing .0 in a floating point number in Python. Here are some popular techniques:


Using the int() Function

One of the simplest methods to remove the .0 is by converting the floating point number to an integer using the int() function. This method works well when you are sure that the number is an integer and do not need the decimal part.

float_number = 10.0
integer_number = int(float_number)
print(integer_number)  # Output: 10


Using String Formatting

Another approach is to use string formatting to control the way numbers are displayed. By applying the appropriate format specifier, you can remove the trailing .0 when printing or displaying the number as a string.

float_number = 10.0
formatted_number = f"{float_number:.0f}"
print(formatted_number)  # Output: 10


Using the round() Function

The round() function can be used to round floating point numbers to the nearest integer, effectively getting rid of the .0. This method is useful when you want to round the number instead of truncating the decimal part.

float_number = 10.0
rounded_number = round(float_number)
print(rounded_number)  # Output: 10


Using the Decimal Module

The Decimal module provides a way to work with floating point numbers with greater precision and control. By using the Decimal class, you can perform arithmetic operations and manage the display of numbers without the trailing .0.

from decimal import Decimal

float_number = 10.0
decimal_number = Decimal(float_number).quantize(Decimal('1'))
print(decimal_number)  # Output: 10


Using the Fraction Module

The Fraction module allows you to work with rational numbers as fractions. This can be helpful in some cases when you need to represent numbers exactly and avoid the limitations of floating point arithmetic.

from fractions import Fraction

float_number = 10.0
fraction_number = Fraction(float_number).limit_denominator()
print(fraction_number)  # Output: 10/1



Q1: What is the best way to get rid of the .0 in Python?

A1: There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The best method depends on your specific use case and the nature of the numbers you are working with. It is essential to understand the advantages and limitations of each method to make an informed decision.


Q2: Can I remove the .0 from a float without converting it to an integer?

A2: Yes, you can use string formatting, the Decimal module, or the Fraction module to remove the .0 without converting the number to an integer.


Q3: Is there a performance difference between the methods for getting rid of the .0 in Python?

A3: Some methods, like using the int() function, may be faster than others, like the Decimal module. However, the performance difference is often negligible and should not be the primary concern when choosing a method.


Q4: Are there any limitations to using the int() function to remove the .0?

A4: The int() function works well when you are sure that the number is an integer and do not need the decimal part. However, if the number is not an integer, using int() will truncate the decimal part, potentially leading to a loss of information.


Q5: Can I use the round() function to remove the .0 for non-integer numbers?

A5: Yes, the round() function can be used to round floating point numbers to the nearest integer, effectively getting rid of the .0. However, keep in mind that this will round the number, potentially altering its value.



In this article, we explored various methods for getting rid of the trailing .0 in a floating point number in Python.

Each method has its advantages and limitations, and the choice of the most suitable method will depend on your specific use case. Understanding the nature of floating point numbers and the available techniques will help you make an informed decision when dealing with this common issue.

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