How to get a Google API Key for using Maps?

In this quick step by step tutorial, we’ll get to know how to get a Google API key for free by following a few steps.

Getting Google API Key

# Step 1: Go to the Google Console portal. You need to signup/ signing with your Google credentials.

# Step 2: Select the project or create a new one. You may need to fill payment details as per the new rules. But they provide free credits so you can easily choose for development purposes.

# Step 3: After creating and selecting the project, click on “Create Credentials”>”API Keys”. Then click on the “Restrict Key” button.

# Step 4: Enable  “Maps Javascript API” and “Places API”


Make sure you have enabled three types of API’s services on your key.

Maps JavaScript API (Show Map), Places API (Places search results) & Geocoding API (Convert Lat & Long to address)

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