How to Add Next.js Icons?

Next.js icons are an essential part of any Next.js project. They play a significant role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal and user-friendliness of an application. This guide seeks to provide an in-depth understanding of these icons and offer a practical approach to integrating and customizing them in your Next.js applications.

Benefits of Using Next.js Icons


Enhanced User Experience – Icons serve as effective visual cues that guide users through an application’s interface, improving navigation and overall user experience. In Next.js, icons are designed with a focus on usability, ensuring they are intuitive and easily recognizable.


Seamless Integration – Next.js icons have been engineered to integrate seamlessly with your projects. They are compatible with the Next.js framework, ensuring they work flawlessly within the ecosystem.


How to Implement Next.js Icons

Before diving into the integration of icons, ensure you have a working Next.js project setup. If not, you can create one using the command: npx create-next-app@latest.


Installing the Next.js Icons Package

To start using Next.js icons, you need to install the relevant package. This can be achieved by running the command: npm install @next-icons/core.


Adding an Icon Component

After installing the package, you can now start using icons. First, import the desired icon from the package. Here is an example:

import { Home } from '@next-icons/core';


Displaying the Icon on Your Page

To display the icon on your page, simply use it as a component within your render method. Here’s an example of how you can do it:

function HomePage() {
  return (
      <Home />


Altering Icon Size

Next.js allows you to adjust the size of your icons. You can do this by passing the ‘size’ prop to your icon component, like this:

<Home size={30} />


Changing Icon Color

Similarly, you can change the color of your icons by passing the ‘color’ prop to your icon component. Here’s how you can do it:

<Home color="red" />


Troubleshooting Common Issues

In the process of integrating Next.js icons, you may encounter some common issues. These may include icons not displaying correctly or facing difficulties in customization. In such cases, always ensure that you have the correct package installed and that you’re importing the icons correctly.



The integration of Next.js icons can significantly enhance the user experience of your application. With this comprehensive guide, you should be able to seamlessly implement and customize Next.js icons in your projects, thereby improving your application’s aesthetics and usability.

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