Get Backup of Stored Procedures in Namecheap MySQL Database

Namecheap MySQL doesn’t allow to see or edit stored procedures if they are written using some tool like Workbench. So In case you want to take backup or edit SP’s, you will only have one choice bang your head with customer care and give them technical knowledge about ‘What is stored procedure’ after spending 1 Hour they will understand after sharing screenshots to end with database backup.

But here I will tell you simple solution to get backup of SP’s from cPanel of Namecheap.
I got this method from customer care after 3rd chat support discussion.

Step 1) Login you cPanel then move to “Backup Wizard



Step 2) Select “Backup”


Step 3) Select “MySQL Databases


Step 4) Then Select your Database name. After that, it will download .gz  file will be opened using 7z application.

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