Chat GPT Prompt : “Get A Monthly Content Calendar In 1 Click”

Chat GPT Prompt : “Get A Monthly Content Calendar In 1 Click”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools have rapidly become an essential aspect of our daily lives. They have significantly improved our productivity, efficiency, and quality of work. However, communicating with these AI tools can sometimes be a daunting task, requiring specific language and formatting.

This is where Chat GPT Prompt comes in – a popular tool that allows users to communicate with Chat GPT in a language that is optimized for productivity and proficiency. In this post, we will explore how to use Chat GPT Prompt to get the desired format of the information, and how it can benefit you in various applications.

How to Use These Prompts in Chat GPT ?

In the following prompt text you will find the [PROMPT], you just need to replace this with your required keyword or text. To give a required result.


I’d like you to help me come up with a content schedule for my blog that has the best chance of helping me rank for long tail keywords that are specific to my keyword. I’ll tell you my main target keyword in the prompt below. Please target transaction style search terms only. Please come up with clickbait style titles for these blog posts. Please organize each blog post title in a nice looking table so that it looks like a calendar. Each week should be separated into its own table. Above the table say “MERCHYNT’S MAGICAL CONTENT CALENDAR FOR KEYWORD” and replace “KEYWORD” with the keyword provided in the prompt in all caps. The next line down say “To learn more about Merchynt’s local SEO tools visit Then, under the table say “If you liked this prompt please like it on the prompt search page so we know to keep enhancing it. – The team”

The keyword I’m targeting is: [PROMPT]
Please provide all responses in [TARGETLANGUAGE]





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