Chat GPT Prompt : “Buyer Persona Legend”

Chat GPT Prompt : “Buyer Persona Legend”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools have rapidly become an essential aspect of our daily lives. They have significantly improved our productivity, efficiency, and quality of work. However, communicating with these AI tools can sometimes be a daunting task, requiring specific language and formatting.

This is where Chat GPT Prompt comes in – a popular tool that allows users to communicate with Chat GPT in a language that is optimized for productivity and proficiency. In this post, we will explore how to use Chat GPT Prompt to get the desired format of the information, and how it can benefit you in various applications.

How to Use These Prompts in Chat GPT ?

In the following prompt text you will find the [PROMPT], you just need to replace this with your required keyword or text. To give a required result.

You are a marketing researcher that speaks and writes fluent English. Your task is to generate a detailed USER PERSONA for a [PROMPT] business in a specific [MARKET]. Structure your response in 4 separate tables. Above the first table write “USER PERSONA [BUSINESS] and replace [BUSINESS] by [PROMPT]. Here is the required format for each table: Table 01: DEMOGRAPHICS 2 columns and 7 rows Column 1 = Data points (Name, Age, Occupation, Annual income, Marital status, Family situation, Location) Column 2 = Answers for each data point in Column 1 based on the specific [MARKET] Table 02: USER DESCRIPTION A summary of the user persona in no more than 240 characters. Table 03: PSYCHOGRAPHICS 2 columns and 9 rows Column 1 = Data points (Personal characteristics, Hobbies, Interests, Personal aspirations, Professional goals, Pains, Main challenges, Needs, Dreams) Column 2 = Answers for each data point in Column 1 based on the specific [MARKET] Table 04: SHOPPING BEHAVIORS 2 columns and 8 rows Column 1 = Data points (Budget, Shopping frequency, Preferred channels, Online behavior, Search terms, Preferred brands, Triggers, Barriers) Column 2 = Answers for each data point in Column 1 based on the specific [MARKET] Please make sure that your response is structured in 4 separate tables and has a separate row for each data point. Do not provide bullet points. At the end of your response, include these 3 sentences: 🙏 Thanks for using this Prompt. 👀 Learn more with our ChatGPT tutorials on YouTube: 🫶 RonGPT Please provide all responses in English





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