Resolved! Disable Alphabetical Sorting of JSON Attributes in Response from C sharp Service

JSON response received on the client side is generally in alphabetical order. This happens when we don’t add any sort order on our server-side API layers. In one of my project, there was a situation in which I wanted to add columns in Excel file from JSON response, as JSON attributes( In my case colum headers ) arranged in alphabetical, but I wanted them to be in some required order. I tried to do this client side in JS but it costs a lot! in term of page loading performance when data is large. As my services were in ASP.NET using C sharp so after some research, I tried something which worked like charm.

In the file, Sample_Def.cs added Order attribute in DataMember

Code Before change


Code After change


Order should start with Order zero. After changes make sure to rebuild project to reflect changes.

This is just a quick help short tutorial. I hope this will be helpful 🙂

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