jQuery Tricks and Tips Reference

In this post, we will discuss some quick tips and tricks which can help in writing a robust code using jQuery.

These jQuery tips are related to some basic methods using which we can resolve most encountered scenarios and problems.

Let’s check them out:

1) Check if Element is Hidden/ Shown using jQuery

To check if and the element is hidden or visible on the page, use the is() method. It can take several properties but to check visibility use :hidden or :visible as shown below:

        $(function () {
            // OUTPUT: true
            // OUTPUT: false
    <div class="dummy-div">
        Foo Text
        .dummy-div {
            display: none;

2) If Checkbox/ Radio is Checked?

To check if a radio or checkbox is in selected/ unselected state we can use :checked argument in is() method:

                // OUTPUT: false if unchecked
                // OUTPUT: true if checked
 <input type="checkbox" name="my-check-name" id="checkid">

3) Check if any form control is in the disabled or enabled state:

To check if a form control like select box, checkbox, radio, input is in enabled/ disabled state, use :disabled or :enabled argument in <strong>is()</strong> method:

                // OUTPUT: true
                // OUTPUT: false
<input type="checkbox" name="my-check-name" id="checkid" disabled>

4) Select All but not specific selector

To get all element but we don’t want some specific from them, then we can use the not() method as shown below:

Select all div elements but not with blue class:

<div class="red">Red</div>
<div class="red">Red</div>
<div class="blue">Blue</div>
<div class="blue">Blue</div>
<div class="red">Red</div>
<div class="blue">Blue</div>
<div class="red">Red</div>

5) Check if selector having a specific Class

To check if element having a specific or group of class we can use hasClass() method:

// OUTPUT: true
<div class="foo-class i-am-here" >Foo</div>


6) Get Selectbox Value and Option Text

To get dropdown selected value simply use val() method as shown below:

$("#mySelect").on("change",function (param) {
// OUTPUT: 1,2 or 3

For getting the text of value selected in dropdown use text() method with find() as shown below:

$("#mySelect").on("change",function (param) {
// OUTPUT: eg. Second Option

for select box

<select name="my-foo-select-name" id="mySelect">
<option value="1">First Option</option>
<option value="2">Second Option</option>
<option value="3">Third Option</option>



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