Ionic 3 – Add App Rating ( Rate Us 5 Stars ) Popup in Ionic 3 Application

To get more rating or feedback from users of your application, we can show a model or popup to a user to rate your application on play or app store. Feedback for users helps to make your application better.  More rating and good feedback help an application to rank better in app stores.

Here we will implement Rate Us 5 Stars prompt in an Ionic 3 sample application.

Let’s begin implementation…

Create a new application from Ionic CLI

To create an application you must have NodeJS and Ionic Cordova CLI

Run the following command to create a new application


Install App-Rate Plugin

Install plugins in CLI using below commands one by one


Import app.module.ts file

After import and adding in provider app.module.ts file will look like this


Add button in home.html to show App Rate prompt


Add methods in home.ts to Prompt App Rate

you can customize more preferences

openStoreInApp: Open in app’s webview.
usesUntilPromp: Default rating out of 5
promptAgainForEachNewVersion: If you want users to prompt after version is updated.
storeAppURL: App store and Play store application paths.
customLocale: To customize default labels.

Find more options for App Rate here

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