Issue Resolved – Connect Binatone WiFi Modem Slow Speed and Disconnection.

Connect Broadband is widely used in northern India. Connect’s service and Plans are fair enough to attract more and more people. I don’t have an affiliation with it . I just want to share with you that this service is having a very Big Small problem and that is, it can be hacked by any person in your neighborhood even if he/she is not Geeky enough, there are many tutorials out there on YouTube. People using Connect make a setting like me to protect themselves from such attacks like changing WEP-64Bits to WPA2-PSK, but believe me … this is NOT GOING TO HELP ANYWAY 

I called Connect service people twice…. but today I was really SOCKED!!!  to see that there were about 11 People who were connected to my WiFi… Then that Angel from God told me that thing which can save me from such issues like Slow network speed, Low network range, frequent connection and disconnection of WiFi on my laptop and mobiles…

So let’s begin and check those setting which we need to do in out Binatone setting page to fight against those who steal our WiFi


Step 1 – First you need to open Binatone’s admin panel by visiting this IP Address directly , You can open it both in Mobile or PC. If you have not changed its login details then credentials will be like admin / password or if you dont’s remember it just reset your modem by pressing that reset button behind your blue color Binatone Modem, But after reset you may need to do all setting again like setting username and password for Wifi blah blah… we will not go into details for that. I will post tutorial for that if I get request for that 


Step 2 – After login into admin page, click on “Interface Setup” then go to wireless. After scrolling to “Wireless MAC Address Filter” just check “Activated” radio button. So What this option will do? Now on those devices can connect to you WiFi network who’s MAC address is added in this place. This simply means No One Can Now Hack You WiFi Now 

Here you need to put MAC addresses of any PC or Mobile which you want to connect to your WiFi network.

How to find MAC Address in windows 10 PC

Step 1 – Just open CMD by pressing Window+R then type CMD press Enter


Step 2 – Now in CMD type getmac then press Enter



How to get MAC address of Android Device

Step 1 – Go to Setting  About Phone


Step 2 – Not tap on Status there you will find MAC address



I have hidden my MAC address  So after adding MAC address to Binatone admin page we make sure about which devices are connected to our network. and NOBODY CAN HACK IT NOW 

See you …. 



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