[Resolved]- Android – ADB No Devices Found

For debugging the Android device you may need to connect it through the laptop. Sometimes while doing the application development using the Native or Hybrid technologies you may need to connect your device to real-time reloading.

In such cases, you need to connect your device to the laptops or PCs. In that case, you can connect your Android phone to your computer and run the following command.

adb devices

The above command should return the list of devices your have

But sometimes you may see an error saying “ADB No Devices Found!”

How to resolve the “ADB No Devices Found” Issue?

You can resolve this issue by following a few of these steps:

Step 1 – Install Drivers

Step 2 – Install SDK Tools

Step 3 – Install Java SDK/JDK


Step 1 – Install Drivers

The first step is to check if your computer has the required drivers to detect your Android device. If not you can install a small application which will do all that stuff for your device to be detected by your computer.

Visit this site and download PDA Net+ and follow the instructions.


Step 2 – Install SDK Tools

If the first step not working, make sure you have SDK Tools installed. Most Android developers have Android studio installed with SDK tools. But yes you can install them individually if you are hybrid platform developer like Ionic/ Cordova

Visit https://developer.android.com/studio#downloads and download the ZIP from “Command line tools only”

1) Extract the zip file and place it here: C:\Android\cmdline-tools\tools

Make sure to rename the extracted folder from “cmdline-tools” to “tools” and place it inside the “cmdline-tools” as shown above.

Otherwise, you may face this issue:

Error: Could not determine SDK root.
Error: Either specify it explicitly with –sdk_root= or move this package into its expected location: <sdk>\cmdline-tools\latest\

2) Now open the environment path and add this path to it:

Now execute the following commands one by one.

$ tools/bin/sdkmanager --update
$ tools/bin/sdkmanager "platforms;android-25" "build-tools;25.0.2" "extras;google;m2repository" "extras;android;m2repository"
$ tools/bin/sdkmanager --licenses



Step 3 – Install Java SDK/JDK

Third, if you see this message:

ERROR: JAVA_HOME is not set and no ‘java’ command could be found in your PATH.

Please set the JAVA_HOME variable in your environment to match the
location of your Java installation.

You need to install the JAVA JDK from here.

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