What is Ransomware Virus or WannaCry? How to Protect your System?

Today I got this news buzzing all day, that Ransomware attacked many systems around the world and locking up many systems, simply converting them into bricks.

Let’s discuss the key terms related to Ransomware Virus and reasons why this is can be a major threat to world economy and security.

This time it is named as “WannaCry

It has already infected more than 200,000 systems in about 150 countries, which started on (Friday) 12th May.

Microsoft also released security patches Updates for older versions for Windows XP, Server 2003 and Windows 8 after systems were infected by the ransomware.
And the amazing fact is that new version of Ransomware is coming in the light which is created by new hackers which hacked the original version “WannaCry” to create a new one to get some profits.

What is Ransomware Virus?

The virus which spreads system to system software and locks a device, So whenever a person tries to unlock it or tries to open some other program it will pop a message asking for Ransom to unlock the machine. This time they are asking for Bitcoins up to 300 to get this open….Really a huge amount right? One Bitcoin equals 1728.60 US Dollar.

How Ransomware Spreads?

Main platforms from where this virus spreads are from phishing emails which contain some affected programs that user executes after which it effects the whole machine.

How to protect yourself from Ransomware?

If you are already infected with this virus, then the only way is to pay then 300 Bitcoins…hehe… But precaution is always better the cure … right? So following are some quick tips you can follow to protect yourself from Ransomware
1) Use a Good Antivirus. Microsoft also recommended using its free inbuilt antivirus named Windows Defender.

2) Microsoft urged to always upgrade to latest operation system version and download security patches regularly.

3) Don’t open email from unknown addresses.

4) Scan devices first connecting to your PC and Laptops.

5) Don’t run any EXE, RAR or ZIP files attached in unknown emails, these may contain the virus.
This attack as already given so much pain and it is also an alarm for our cyber security. We always think to make new physical weapons to defeat nations, but this attack proved that a file of KB’s can bring down the world on knees, as we are so much dependent on technology in this new era, So government should think in this dimension too as this could be a big failure these to not one but to all nations.

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