How to Optimize MI Note Fast Draining Battery Backup After Firmware Updates

The Day when I bought my beautiful MI Note 3 phone, the best thing  which I found was 2 Days long battery life  even after full hardcore usage . It was really AMAZING!!!  thing to have such feature which is most important thing if you are phone addict for heavy activities like watching movies , playing games , using camera 

But all this blessing of MI come to halt when I got next firmware update… Then after exploring MI forums and tricks and Tips of users around world collected following list which will surly make your MI like long breathing device again

Tip 1 – Keep Mobile Data, WiFi and GPS off: Only switch them on when needed.


Tip 2 – Turn Off “Wake Lock Screen For Notifications” & “Smart cover”: Settings Lock screen & password then turn off Smart cover and Wake Lock Screen For Notifications]


Smart cover will only work if you have special case which will wake your screen when you cover or uncover it, so better relieve your phone all time from checking and CPU usage.

Wake Lock Screen For Notification option also turn on screen of phone using extra battery life.


Tip 3 – Turn Off “System Animation“: Settings  Battery System  Animations


Tip 4 – Turn off “Auto Brightness“:  Settings  Display  Brightness Level

Its better to adjust brightness accordingly, because most battery consumption in mobiles is from screen awakening


Tip 5 – Turn off Play Store’s Auto App Update setting: This option will update even a single app if a new update is available, so better to manually update all app at single time.


Above tips will do major impact in terms of saving your mobiles charge for longer but there are some other tips includes Turn Off Phone Vibration every where like in Keypad and ringtone, Turn Off Sync in google and other APP accounts, Using MI’s battery saving mode if you guys or girls know some more tweeks  do share in comment section or I will add in post here

See you .. take care 

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