Ionic 3+ – How to Call a Number Directly from Ionic 3.X Native Application

To make it more convenient, we can add a feature to make calls directly through the application. In this post, we will create an Ionic 3 application, in which we can directly call a number by using Cordova and Ionic Native plugins.

Let’s start…

Create a new Ionic 3 application

First, make sure you have the latest version of Ionic CLI installed

Open Command prompt and run following commands to create a new project

Install Plugins

After creating application we will install Cordova and Ionic Native plugins.

Import Plugins in App Module

Open app.module.ts and replace below code.

Add Method in Home Component

In home.ts file, we will import plugin then add methods.

Add HTML Button to Make Call

In home.html, we will add a button to make calls

Now you can test this application in the real device.

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