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Manzana is a Mumbai based company having various products including speakers, computer accessories etc. I bought Manzana’s wireless mouse about a year ago. First this not any sponsored post actually I want to share a weird problem with this mouse. This wireless mouse working fine withoutđŸ€— any problem, BUT it is having a strange feature as I checked on its website today called “Auto Connect” 🙄 due to which it remains ON every time… means it is not having any switch to turn it on or off. It caused a LOT of battery drains…… and due to which it stuck in between while working and stops responding. No on/off switch means it is on all day all night, it needs battery change 2-3 times in a month 😣

I also confirmed this if it is having any hidden button or something. People of Manzana says you need to remove the battery every time after use. WHY GUYS WHY…. you people could add a small 10 Rs switch below it like other companies. It is a basic requirement.

How ever I found a DIY solution here hehe…. 😋

Let’s do it

Step 1) Get some plastic sheet piece. I got mine from my dad’s pocket diary. 😁


He is still wondering where the back side my diary?Â đŸ€”

Step2) Bend the front part of the cutout piece and fit above cell cavity.


Step3) Just insert the bent out area between battery connection to cut the supply. It’s Done!!!


Now when ever you are done just insert the plastic piece between supply. Before using it remove it. It’s that simple!!!



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