How to Remove Trusted Devices from Google Gmail Account?

When we enable 2 – Step Verification, signing-in Gmail or any Google services need other pins like OTP or method you set while setting 2 – Step Verification. But I wanted to revoke or remove my office PC from trusted devices.




Please follow this quick way to revoke or remove trusted devices.

Step 1) Loggin your Gmail account.

Step 2) Click on round thumbnail of your profile pic on the top right corner.


Step 3) Now click on the blue button saying “Google Account“.


Step 4) Click on “Sign-in & security” then click on “2 – Step Verification” tab.

Step 5) Google will ask for the password again, enter it again. Now scroll down to “Devices you trust” then click on “REVOKE ALL“.

Your account is secured again!!! 🙂

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