How to Install Python on Windows 10 OS

In this tutorial, we’ll learn How to install & setup Python on Windows 10 operating system. Here we will learn how to download the Python setup from its official website, choose directory, setup Environment variables to make it work correctly for CMD terminal as well.

Before we start, let’s have a look at other facts about Python

What exactly is Python?

Python is a widely used object-oriented programming language. It is one of the top preferred server-side development environment these days and catching lots of eys balls due to its rapid application development capabilities. It first came to light in late 1991 by a guy named Guido van Rossum.

What are the benefits of Python?

There is a number of advantages to using Python. In a nutshell, let’s discuss some main pointers:

1) We can develop a Graphical User Interface based desktop application as we do in Java. We can process media content like images, videos, develop Games, Scientific computational applications.

2) Development of server environment for web frameworks and web applications.

3) Easy to learn and large community support

4) A user-friendly and less messy Data structure

5) More productivity and lightning speed for heavy-duty tasks including AI, Machine learning, etc.



Let’s get into it and discuss step by step how to make it room in your Windows 10 OS


Step 1) Go to the official Python website and click on download for Windows.


Step 2) Scroll down and select a Windows Executable installer


Step 3) After downloading the exe setup file, click on it to install


Step 4) Click on the “Run” button to allow the installation to start.


Step 5) On the next screen make two important things, Check the “Add Python 3.X.X to Path” then click on “Custom Installation” option



Step 6) Let all options as it is, just click “Next”


Step 7) Now, enter a simple Path directory something like “C:\Python\Python38” then hit “Install”


Step 8) After successfully completing the setup, you will see IDE for Python on the start menu


That’s it now you can open this IDE to create new files


Or simply open the CMD command prompt by hitting CTR+R then run CDM enter. After that type “python” to start python development in CDM itself


Hope this quick Python installation tutorial helped … Do share this with others who just want to begin using the python powers.

Thanks for reading out!!!

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