How to Change/ Update Address in Aadhaar Card Without Address Proof?

Yes! you read it right, now it’s possible to change or update the address in your Aadhaar Card even if you are not having an address proof. This happened to me, my wife was from a different state, so after marriage, she was not able to open even a bank account due to the address of another state in her Aadhaar card. So we waited to our marriage registration card to get a valid address proof of her pheww… But a few days back when I checked on UIDAI the official website of Aadhaar, there was a solution…

This situation can be faced by many people for different reasons like if you migrated to a new state or location due to Job, or education. Circumstances become worse if you are with your family and want to get a new Gas connection or a mobile sim.

Let’s start and discuss on How to Change or Update Address on Your Aadhaar Card if even if you don’t have address documents.

You can change/ update address in Aadhaar card with the help of Address Validation Letter sent by UIDAI.

“In order to request for the Address Validation Letter the Resident must get consent from an Address Lender/Verifier who would allow his/her Aadhaar registered Address to be used by the Resident. An Address Lender/Verifier could be a family member/ relative/ friend/landlord where a resident is presently residing.”

How to Request for Address Validation Letter?

First, we go ahead, to make it simple here we will use these terms:

Resident: A person who addresses you are going to use or update in your Aadhaar card, this is done through proper verification and consent system.

Lender/ Verifier: A person is going to use Resident’s address in his Aadhaar.

– Both Resident’s and Verifier’s mobile must be linked to Aadhaar to make it work.
– Both must be authenticated via OTP
– Both must remain in sync during this process as it must be completed in a specified time.
– Both must be willing to go through this process.

Go to UIDAI then click on Address Update Request (Online). After that click on “Request for Address Validation Letter” a big blue button

Step 1 – Resident Initiates Request

1) Resident Logs in with Aadhaar
2) Enters Verifier Aadhaar
3) Get SRN

Step 2 – Address Verifier Consents (Address Verifier Receives OTP intimation & Link for consent in his/her mobile).

1) Clicks on Link
2) Gives Consent

Step 3 – Resident Submits Request Resident Receives confirmation of Verifier Consent on mobile)

1) Logs in with SRN
2) Preview Address
3) Edit Local Language (If requires)
4) Submit

So here is how you can Update address in Aadhaar even when you don’t have documents but helping people around you 🙂

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