Google Drive | Quickly Sync Files & Folders between Windows and Google Drive

Have you ever thought? what will happen if one morning you find that your PC or Laptop stopped working or accidentally crashed? we usually have some of the important files, the very first trick which comes to mind is “Oh my goodness I have files in D drive, not C, I am saved!!!!”

But this is not true, I remember, One of my colleagues who lost the 2 years of hard-worked files in a snap during the windows upgrade procedure.

And also one of my relative who’s PC stopped working to with a strange blue screen in his Asus laptop which stuck to show “Aptio Setup Utility” may there was a Harddisk issue.

How to save your data?

There are a number of tools and services available which can sync your local Windows folders to their cloud storage which are available from anywhere. But in terms of usage Google always takes the point. Recently Google Drive launched a new Tool called Google Drive Backup and Sync. This tool can easily sync your selected folder(s) in Windows PC with Google Drive. This keeps everything updated at realtime to no need to worry about anything after the quick installation.

Let’s get started with steps you need to follow to install Google Drive Backup and Sync Tool in your Windows PC/ Laptop. To start we only need a Google Account, if you don’t have just create one.

Install Google Backup and Sync


Step 1) Visit the Backup & Sync page then click on “Download Backup and Sync” button.

Now click on “Agree and download” to download the installation EXE file. Click on download file to download the full software.


Step 2) After downloading and installation of the tool, “Welcome to Backup and Sync” screen with “GET STARTED” button will open with a small cloud icon in the taskbar.

Click on the “GET STARTED” button to login with your Google Account.


Step 3) After successful login with your Google Account, you need to select a folder in your system which you want to sync with Google Drive.


Step 4) If you want already available files in Google Drive to sync on your local PC, then check “Sync My Drive to this computer” otherwise just uncheck it. After that just click the “Start” button.

After that, it will start syncing files available in folder “MyGoogleDriveFolder” immediately to Google Drive.

You can check uploaded files folder in Googe Drive under “Computers” tab

That’s it now with Google Drive Backup and Sync tool you don’t need to worry about data loss. Even now you can access it from anywhere anytime in the future.

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