feedjit is not working? Its Gone :(

I remember those days back in 2011 when I used to experiment with blogger blogs. There was a beautiful widget “feedjit” which was like magic at that time like who can show you live traffic with fractions of seconds and also country, state city with a link as well where user landed and don’t forget exit page. Sometimes there were google keywords also using which user landed by searching in google :P.

That purely seemed to be a magic. But today there was a strange error in my console.

First I thought there is some mistake in the URL then I visited their site but to my SHoCK! I found this message there.

Yes, this was just for fun 🙂 I will really miss this great widget, I think every blogger blog will feel incomplete without this great tool. Thanks Mark Maunder & Kerry Boyte.

This article is a tribute to feedjit 🙂

As an alternative, you can use this similar looking widget.

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http://www.livewebtraffic.com works like a charm. Try it !!


are you try livetrafficfeed.com?