Resolve! Ezoic Integration 520 Issue due to Cloudflare

Integration of Ezoic using Cloudflare cause some 520 errors saying ‘Web server is returning an unknown error’. Here I will discuss a small step that can resolve this issue.

In this article, I am going to share some personal experiences about the integration of my blog with Ezoic. I will discuss the issues I faced after integration and review of the effect on revenue.

Last year, I got to know about Ezoic and read about many experiences. It basically adds an intelligence module with a monetized website or blog which auto integrate ad placeholders to generate more revenue. Ezoic system is Google certified and complained to terms and conditions.

After getting all the details I decided to go with it.

I was pretty much excited about it. Ezoic provides good and quick email support so it was an easy task to integrate it using Cloudflare. After integration, it takes some time to adapt the system to the website.

Payments modes available

Ezoic provides its own dashboard to check daily earnings. It works on 30 days cycle after that you can easily withdraw using PayPal.

Any increase in revenue?

After integration, you can set a percentage of total traffic which will see the Ezoic optimized version. More traffic means quick optimization, so it is always advised by Ezoic te to increase a percentage more than 50. I can only say that you should set it to 100 to make it work quickly.

In terms of revenue increase, I can say from my personal experience that it really works great and a good percentage increase in earnings.

Integration of Ezoic with Site using the Cloudflare method.

After integration I started facing some issues, causing 520 errors when I visit pages. First I thought it is something related to integration and will resolve in a few days. But there frequent similar issues.

I talked to the Ezoic team, Cloudflare and also my hosting company. But nothing worked. Cloudflare told me that you need to disable cache and optimization for admin, but similar issues were there even when logged out.

From hosting manager I repeatedly got similar resolutions to clean my cache then restart my system and all that :/

How I resolved 520 Web server errors with Ezoic?

Actually the solution to the problem was also inside Ezoic. When I visited Ezoic’s Setting page here, then after scrolling to the section named Nameservers

Click on it. That section will show Ezoic’s own name servers which you need to replace with Cloudflare Nameserver on your domain DNS.

After replacing them I resolved my 520 problems in a day 🙂



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Thanks, I mostly faced server down issue after integrating my site with ezoic.

I contacted their support, they simply blamed my hosting. I been using the same hosting for more than 2 years. I never faced this much of server down issues before.

Who to blame?


Thanks for sharing! I experienced the exact same issue and this was the only site with a solution. Cheers!!