How to Create Multiple YouTube Channels in Single Gmail Account

For a long time, Google was only allowing to have only single YouTube channel per Gmail account. So in case you want to have multiple YouTube channel you needed to create a NEW Gmail account and adding new contacts and Gmail information, which was really a painful process.

But now we can have multiple YouTube channels in SINGLE Gmail account with the help of Google+.

Let’s quickly move to Steps you need to follow to create Multiple YouTube channels.

Step 1 – Open YouTube homepage and click on top right on your username. Then click on Setting/ Gear icon.


Step 2 – Click on ‘See all my channels or create a new channel’ link given below.


Step 3 – Now click on Plus (+) box to create/ Add new YouTube channel.


Step 4 – Add your channel name, then click on ‘Create’ button.

Bingo!!! You are done… Now start your hard working part to create quality and passionate videos and earn some bucks 😉

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