feedjit is not working? Its Gone :(

I remember those days back in 2011 when I used to experiment with blogger blogs. There was a beautiful widget “feedjit” which was like magic at that time like who can show you live traffic with fractions of seconds and also country, state city with a link as well where user landed and don’t forget exit page.

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How to Create Production Release in Ionic 2/3

After finishing my app development and testing phase, I tried to find some good documentation for generating production release of my build APK. When I searched on Google, the first link which landed me on Ionic docs explaining to create production release in Ionic 1. As ionic 2/3 is based on Angular 4 latest component-based technology having a powerful feature called AOT (Ahead of Time). AOT in

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What is Aadhar Pay BHIM for Merchents?

Today PM Modi in Nagpur launched a new system for digital transactions. This Biometric Best Payment System is built specially for merchants, which will make transactions easy. This service is started today on Ambedkar Jayanti. How it will work: