Angular E-Charts Tutorial | Awesome Free Chart Library

Tutorial and quick implementation guide for using E-Charts in Angular application. The E-Chart library provides free, community-supported wide variety chart styles, which is backed by apache and already having a good collection of demos and downloadable examples. There are few Chart libraries that provide a number of production chart types and free at the same

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Angular 8|9 Material Table Column Width, Text Alignment Customization

Angular Material provides an awesome fully-featured data-table component that can be easily implemented in an Angular application. The datatable UI component provided by Material is based on the material design provides many features like Pagination, Sortable columns, Filter data, Frozen Columns, and Rows, etc. Although Material data-tables provides high-end functionalities, small things can eat-up most

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Angular 8/9 Set Title Dynamically on Route Change

The traditional website has pages that are loaded while refreshing the whole website or sometimes rerendered using dynamic languages like PHP from the server-side. Such websites can have title tags on each page which can be dynamic or manually placed on static HTML pages. Single page application (SPA) like Angular where only one page i.e

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Angular Google Maps in Modal | Autocomplete & Select Location, Latitude, Longitude, Address

Compatible from Angular 2 to latest version 9 Angular Google Maps package provides fully featured integration of Javascript-based Google Maps in Angular Applications. Here we will discuss how to: Install Google Maps and Add API Keys Add Dynamic Google Maps in a Component Add Location Search Filter Draggable Marker Zoom Control Get Lattitude and Longitude

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Angular Material 8/9 Tree Tutorial By Example

The Angular Material Tree can be added using the mat-tree directive component. This tree structure gives the ability to expand/ collapse data lists into multi-level nodes. In this tutorial, we will get to know how to add the Angular material Tree UI component in the project using the latest version of Angular Material 9.