Angular 7 – Create new app in ng CLI using latest Angular version 7.x

yes! Angular 7 is here, In this post, we will discuss new CLI commands and start a new Angular 7 application.

Let’s create a new Angular 7 application.

To create a new application using Angular CLI you must have NodeJs installed in your system.

Install Angular CLI

$ npm install -g @angular/cli

After installation, you can check the latest version using the following command

$ ng version

Create a new app

Now run following command to create new Angular 7 app

$ ng new ng7App

you can give any name instead of "ng7App"

Then it will ask if you want routing? You can add routing right here from cli.

After that, it will ask for a type of styling compiler you want in application CSS, SASS or SCSS, LESS etc

It may take some time to download modules required, after that you can enter root of the created application using the following command:

$ cd ng7App

after that you can run the application on the browser using the following command:

$ ng serve --open

then it will open on your browser with same ugly UI 😛 with your app title

In upcoming posts, we will discuss about more concepts and updates in Angular 7.

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