Angular 2+ Useful Pipes Library Package for Strings Objects Date and more

In Angular data manipulation at the client-side is a common practice for which we may spend much of our development time in thinking logics for some simple formatting and operations.

In this tutorial, we will discuss a very powerful NPM package that is fully loaded with a number of useful pipes that require no external dependencies to be installed. Just install, configure and start using it.

Here we will only discuss the categories of methods or pipes provided in this library, which you can check out here in more detail.

In ngx-pipes package the type of pipes are major divides into following broad categories:

– Date
– String
– Array
– Object
– Math
– Boolean

There is a number of prebuilt pipes in the above categories that operated on the specified data type.

I tried this package personally and this prooves very handy many times during data bing with formated values. The most favorite of mine is timeAgo which shows time in human-readable form.

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