Add Simple PayPal Donate Link in Blog or WordPress

Old PayPal donate buttons looks very scammy these days 😛 they remind me of any scam or phishing site. In this article, we will discuss How to add a Simple PayPal Donate link on your site or WordPress blog.

I have personally tried many plugins to show that PayPal donates button but after trying 3 to 4 of them I removed those plugins ad PayPal now itself provide a personal link page by using which we can land people to our customized page. page looks very professional and clean. We can also customize it according to our business theme.

Let’s check out simple steps to create your own PayPal payment page.

Step 1) Log in your PayPal Account then click on “Send and Request” link on the top header.

Step 2) Next click on “Create your PayPal.Me profile” card

Step 3) Fill details username then add a photo

Step 4) Just copy your personalized URL like this one  where 5 is the amount in dollars

That’s it now you can add this URL anywhere in your blog on header or footer links. This looks more sophisticated then old PayPal donate yellow buttons 😀


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