Resolved – Android Studio Not Detecting Connected Device

During development of hybrid apps you hardly need to use Android Studio, and this gives a huge relief  because you don’t need to start a heavy loaded application and wait to get it started from all cores . Thanks to CLI development integrated with ionic, a simple command and whoosh!!! your app is ready…

Yeah but sometimes we really need a debugging tool and for Android app, Android Studio comes to rescue… I use MI 3 Note for testing my developments. But today I added my ionic app in Android Studio for better debugging. Then what, yes time stopped there when I was unable to see my device in Devices popup. I tried each and everything after searching Google like Activated USB debugging, there was also advice for MI PC Suit, and you will not believe MI PC Suit itself is having bug for not detecting Mobiles with latest Android version M. People on MI forums screaming  for the Fix from last year this is the link to that forum

Then I searched for some drivers out there for ADB, after hitting my head for about 3 hours I landed on an angel site which made my day…. yes on there is a universal program which can help your device to get connected very easily with Android Studio.

Let’s go through the steps for its installation.
Step 1 – Go to then click on download


Step 2 – After downloading click on Next until it shows screen similar to following. Here you need to select mobile compony, if not listed simply click Others for MI I checked same.


Step 3 – After selection, it will ask to connect your device with PC then it will install and detect your device.


Step 4 – Then click on finish. Now you have installed all drivers or whatever blah is needed … so it’s time for the party  your phone will be successfully detected by Android Studio.

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